xandercage replied

88 weeks ago

Does the vNM progression tree function on this server?

Badfortune replied

87 weeks ago

I'm gonna say no, as I've never seen anything regarding this, and looking at the content, the guides say it wasn't released into retail until a May 2011 update which would fall outside of the 2008 era the server is set to be in. You can use that as a general rule of thumb if you're curious about any other kind of content. If it's after WoTG or falls outside of 2008, there's a real solid chance that it isn't here and there won't be any future plans to implement it.

Fluxion Admin replied

87 weeks ago

Let's be clear here: VNMs and Voidwatch NMs are two different things. VNMs have a chance, and Darv is looking into a custom way to possibly implement the gear from them onto Exodus in the future, since it's all basically 75 gear, but we have a lot of work and research to do on that yet.

Voidwatch however, no. Way out of our era.
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