Wadski replied

60 weeks ago

So if you're like me you hate having to rewrite in-game macros and equipment sets. Here's how you can move them all from your previous server, private or retail.

Make sure you have your new character created first. Then log out and navigate through these directories on your computer:

Program Files > Playonline > SquareEnix > FINAL FANTASY XI > USER > bde85b

The name of this folder will vary for you, but it will probably have a similar name. if you have multiple folders, I recommend having a Date Created column to help you find the correct one. Each folder is one of your characters, including mules and alts. Enter a folder and look for files with names like mcr.dat, mcr.sys, mcr1.dat, mcr2.dat, up to mcr9.dat. If you open up the mcr2.dat file with notepad, you should text resembling your Macro Set #2 commands, but with some other weird symbols mixed in. DO NOT MODIFY THESE FILES IN ANY WAY. DO NOT SAVE ANY CHANGES.

Inside the bde85b(or similar name) folder you see a lot of files, which represent your personal settings. You can copy all of the files in this folder and paste and overwrite the files in the newer folder for your new character/server.

There you have it! All macros, equipsets, control settings, even auction house sort settings are now on your new character!

Fluxion Admin replied

59 weeks ago

Super awesome wadski! Can I put this on the wiki? I've been wanting to make a guides section. :D

Wadski replied

58 weeks ago

I didnt see your reply but of course you can =)
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