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15 weeks ago

Well guys. It's been fun. But today is when I announce my retirement. We're happy to announce that Fenix is merging with FFEra, a healthy private server that we've always had a strong relationship with.

http://ffera.com Era has 100-150 online players, custom augment system, donation perks, custom ZNMs, a fully functioning player-ran economy, better mob pathing, a database-linked website, and loads of shops. I started my DSP "career" there as a TM, and loved it. I only moved into my current position because I was invited to start another server. Now, I will continue there as a GM. I will work to improve what I can on Era, using my knowledge gained through Fenix, but I will no longer lead.

My time as a server owner has been short, but it has been hectic. I started as one of the founders of Exodus, right at the beginning, in July 2015, and it launched in September. There was a niche in the market then for private servers, and we flourished with our transfers and points system. The most we saw online was about 50, and then the staff started to break down, and numbers suffered while we dealt with issues internally. The issues piqued in February 2016, and I was suddenly owner of a new server - Fenix. It was like starting again. A few months of me being disheartened went by, then I began the "Fenix Relaunch". It brought in new players, new staff, and new content. We changed hosts, we lost that host. I became the host, I lost most of my staff. Some of my staff came back, and some of my staff left. All while trying to keep the server fun and prosperous for the players. This brings us to about April 2017 (3 months ago). Most of you reading this know what happened next. Our server was plagued with exploits, drama, and fighting. Members were low, and the market was saturated with private servers, so recruiting was hard. We made a lot of big changes to the server in hope of increasing longevity. Numbers still stayed low. We were faced with a decision.

Was it time for another "relaunch", or have we reached the end of our private server life? After several weeks of discussions, we went with the latter. But we didn't want our players to be homeless, having all their work be for nothing. So, I worked with the staff of Era to plan a merge of our players.

So here's what's next.

Transfers to Era will be by request only, as merging the entire player base would be problematic. A form will be set up on our help desk, similar to the Registration form, where you will request the transfer. An email will be sent to all registered members, just once, so that any members who might not see this announcement wil be notified. All character progression and levels will transfer, but gil will be capped (amount not decided on yet), Mythics will be removed (Era doesn't have mythics), and Salvage gear will be removed as well. Each character may be additionally audited and pruned. We apologize for this, but it is necessary as to not disrupt the Era community and economy through the merge. If a name change is necessary due to duplicate names, we may ask you to pick a new character name. We will communicate with you through the ticket system emails. I will be on Era to guide transferring players as they join Era and learn the ropes.

I will announce here when the request form is ready, and any other steps needed to transfer. Please keep in mind that this is a very long, manual process that I have to do for each character to make the transfer work, so please only request a transfer if you truly plan on playing on Era. Each character may take several days or even 1-2 weeks to process, depending on the character's complexity and unforseen issues. If you want to poke around on Era before this happens, be sure not to create an account OR character with the same name as your Fenix account or character. The login "IP" for Era is ffera.com. Just replace login.fenix-xi.com with ffera.com and you should be able to sign in.

Fenix will be left on in the meantime. You can log in and play but no new progression on your character will be including in the transfer. The character backup done at 9pmPST/MidnightEST today (July 8) is the last one that will be used for the merge. I recommend spending any points you have. Guildwork applications and new registrations have been closed, and we will not be updating the server for the client update, so that new players can't join just to be transferred. All other Fenix presences online will be slowly shut down or merged with Era. I'll continue to post updates to Discord. Discord will be the last to go, if it ever fully shuts down. I may convert it to something else to keep the chat history (lots of good code in the staff channels), but the ability to chat may be greatly reduced.

I hope you know how grateful I am that you chose Fenix to play on. We truly appreciate you all. We loved bringing the nostalgia and the smiles. We know a server merge is rough, but Era is a great place to be, and we know you'll enjoy it there. Thank you all so much for being here. I hope to see you on Era! Take care.
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